AKAtech S.A.

Here are some important milestone of AKAtech's developments across the years.
2009 - 2011 Cognex Platinum Award
2008 Cognex Gold Award
2006 AKAtech is appointed as Cognex integrator to diversify its activities
2003 - 2005

Developments of innovative products for the postal industry

  1. AKAstrat : multiple-fed letters detector
  2. AKAmatrix : world's fastest intelligent 2D-code reader
  3. AKA 4-state : 4-state postal code reader
  4. AKAbcr : black and white and fluorescent bar-code reader
2003 AKAtech acquires the camera division of Fastcom Technology, with which it had collaborated on the development of new CMOS cameras
1996 - 2002 Development of new innovative products for the postal industry (Swiss Post and Danish Post)
1996 AKAtech is founded and acquires the scanner technology and related market from AKA ID
1992 - 1995 Development, manufacturing and installation of vision-based scanners on NEC's CFC machines for the Swiss Post (postage value reading, postage dectection, letter facing)
1992 AKA ID (Also Know As Innovative Developments) is founded by Dr Eric Hauf